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Being bilingual gives one such an advantage. Personally, I am not, but I wish I were. I did take 3 years of French in high school, and I am currently enroled in Chinese. While my plans are to pursue Chinese as a minor, but I know that my chances of being fluent are miniscule. After the age of 14, the chances of obtaining a level equal to that of a native speaker are non-existant. How is this relevant? One day I would like to do some traveling for work and leisure. That is one part of the reason I have chosen an International Business major. As I go to other countries I would like to be familiar with their language, and if I don't know everything thats fine, but I would like to make an attempt to reach out. What I mean when I say that is I don't think that they should have to go an extra mile to figure out my needs. They are busy enough with their own live. On the otherhand, if I make an honest attempt at understanding, I think they will have more time to assist me, as they will gain a degree of respect. I think the same goes for people in America, whether they are visiting or living here. As people come into our country, they should respect our customs. I suppose I must state that as my personal opinion, hopefully it's not offensive. I do not expect anyone to belive anything that they don't want to or follow anything, such as religion or cultural cues, that makes them uncomfortable. All I am asking is that people make an honest attempt. I almost feel that those who come into our country and speak a native language and eventually learn English have a huge advantage. ie. If tye were in business or trading. I also feel that teaching our citizens a foreign language at a young age would be a great idea to keep them on an equal playing field with the rest of the world. If they start young they can be fluent.