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The Education of Richard Rodruguez

I found this article very interesting because as I read the opening paragraphs about Richard's life as he grew up in an all white neighborhood I found that not much has changed since then. Usually If there is one foreign family on the block they are often seen as the outcasts and feel like them as well. This article also made me realize how hard it must be to live in a country or area where you do not speak the language. I realized that I take speaking fluent english for granted. I can't imagine how nervous I would be running errands and having to speak to other people when I wasn't confident in my speaking abilities. I like how Richard also showed the other side of speaking a foreign language in a an english dominated world, a side we often don't get to see. I found it refreshing to see that he felt proud of his hispanic roots and he felt comfortable speaking around his family. I found it especially heart warming when he shared the story about his mother calling out to him when he was on his way home on page 17. I found the rest of the article to be very interesting but also very sad. To hear about Richard's school experiences was slightly depressing because I saw this happeneing a lot in highschool with the samolian population. Teachers would often single these student's out to make sure that they were understanding. I think bilingual education is very debatable and I am excited to see what we can come up with as a class during our discussion!


I completely agree wiith you, it must be so hard for people who dont speak english fluently to do simple this like going to the store. I also agree with that forign people must feel kind of like outcasts in some neighborhoods. A spanish family moved into my neighborhood when i was little and thinking back to it now, it took a lot longer than other new neighbors for them to become comfortable living in our neighborhood.