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The importance of English

After reading this article I realized how much I value bilingualism. I am not bilingual, but in a sense I am. I am not fluent in Spanish, but I know quiet a bit of it and I could probably carry on a conversation with a native Spanish speaker if I tried. However, I think its really important for people to become bilingual because our country is becoming more and more diverse. Although most of the immigrants know some English, it would be helpful if there were people in the community who could help the immigrants, at least at first, and speak their native language with them. I know if I even moved to France or some other country, I would appreciate it if someone knew some English, but I would still make an effort to learn the native language of the country that I would live in. I think that it is important that we make an effort to help people with language barriers. Most of the Somali kids that I work with at the Brian Coyle Center speak English fluently, but they also speak Somali fluently. However, it is most likely that their parents do not speak any English. Because the kids speak both languages, they are able to communicate in both settings. However, if the parents were to leave the community and go to a place where no one spoke Somali, they would have a very difficult time. Our community is very fortunate to have a variet of people who speak a variety of languages and that help each other out with the language barriers. The last time that I volunteered, I got a chance to see Justin communicate with two kids who only spoke spanish. He hardly spoke any English. It made me really happy that he was trying to get past the language barrier and speak their native language in order to help them. I think that if people really tried to learn a second language, our community would be much better off in the long run.


I agree with you. I think that yes immigrants need to learn english to be successful in america but i believe that we should also make an effort to connect with the immigrants on a level of their own. I think its important for us to also explore the culture of a different community and learn the language. America has so many different cultures and for us to really embrace that we need to also step out of our comfort zone.