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The Importance of Language

I really enjoyed this stroy I think it really refects a reality that we currently deal with much of in the U.S.Seeing Richard being sp young and caring aboput his native language was very different and shows a different perspective. Usually you see parents who do not speak the language and children who are somewhat embarassed even though Richard went through these exact emotins, he also admired his language and the use of it in his home. He did not want to lose and even though he did not in the beginning feel worthy of using the American language he felt that his language was also scared and a secret too great to be shown to the world. I Think when in America immigrants have so much pressure to learn Englsih and the American culture but no one is ever concerned about whether or not their culture or language is used or remembered. I believe it is very important that everyone know English in America so that we can all communicate it is a necessity and I believe it shows a type of regard and respect for those who are from or rside in America but I think it is just as important to be connected with your native culture. The story is phenonmenal because the family works with the children to help them become successful in their speaking English but also in school and in life because it allows them better communicate and live a much more regular life.

1. Do you believe it is alright to ask a family to pitch in and help their children learn another language because it is the language spoken in society?
2. Do you believe that America expects too much ny asking that all people learn English even though Americans do not learn other languages as we travel about?]
3. Do you think a child should be able to use both their native and English in school or should Native languages be used in private or out of school situations?
4. Do native children always understand the importance of their Native languages?
5. How would you imagine Native parents feel about learning and not learning English?
6. Should Native parents learn to speak English when living in the country?