October 21, 2009

T. Friedman on education

Preaching to this choir!

October 19, 2009

The trouble with classroom boredom

I am in a work training class. I have already gotten the point. I am bored. I've checked me email, read some of the NYTIMES and the BBC. How in the world did I survive so many years of school? How will I survive PhD work?

My sympathy to all under challenged students, young and old, out there.

May 18, 2009

Importance of fiction

Just a quick book review for your interest and my later reflection:

A new class is beginning today, so don't be surprised to find some more postings here....

May 2, 2009

Thar she blows!

This is the end.....the only end my friend....(any Doors fans who know the actual words?)....

My paper, at 15 pages including bibliography, can't be any longer just now. It isn't in the assignment to exceed this length. it isn't in my constitution and I dare not ask anyone to read more at this juncture. Though not included at the end of the paper, I'd like to point out that my intention is for this to not be The End, but a pause, chapter ending, or continuation in the next episode. Next season will feature such breath taking thrills as possible session outlines (aka lesson plans) and further exploration of the details of existing intersections between popular culture and civic engagement.

So cross the jump....

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April 26, 2009

Preparing for the final

My incomplete paper is already 15 pages long, including bibliography. Ouch! It is also filled with footnotes and I am wondering how to integrate those here without manually linking them all - not to mention how I loathe the end not which is what I think I will have resort to with MovableType.

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April 22, 2009

MPCA/MACA - the Midwest Chapter

For anyone who was tempted by my rambles about the PCA/ACA, but maybe prefer to start at the still thrilling but smaller and a bit cheaper regional level, please click on to the entry for....

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April 17, 2009


Thank you KAM for sharing!


April 13, 2009

Food, travel, learnin' - NOLA style

From Wednesday to Sunday I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the PCA/ACA conference. While "work" was the primary objective, food trumps just about anything for me especially when traveling.

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April 6, 2009

Nano blogging

From WebLogs to Blog to Twitter to Flutter...then Shddr?

April 5, 2009

Islamic superheroes

While looking about for civic engagement information I stumbled upon:


Kinda interesting. Sadly at the moment I'm behind on conference preparations so I can't find out more for you.

March 29, 2009

This is the sound of silence

Simon and Garfunkel Concert in the Park was the first CD I ever owned.

(I had to use the opening link where the back up band get their props!)

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March 24, 2009

Possible final project stuff

This class has focused on education for K-12 ages for just reason. It is quite interesting and very important. Lifelong learning (as cliche as the phrase seems to have become) is a bit more up my alley and I'm interested in the role of popular culture as a means for education and engagement after high school or college. Hoping Prof. Swiss will approve, in the meantime:

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March 17, 2009

Fake News, take 1

Satire is not a form/technique well integrated into American culture. Sure there is SNL and The Simpsons, The Daily Show and the charming Jane Bond, Nancy Clue, and the Hardly Boys novels of Mabel Maney and of course The Onion. Just the same, these are cultural artefacts more to the fringe than the center and often receiving harsh criticism when their satirical essence is misunderstood...or missed all together.

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March 9, 2009

Fats Domino & Gene Autry

"I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill" was one of Fats Domino's best known hits....and he got it from Gene Autry!

The cross-fertilization of popular music is to fascinating.

Also, did you know Johnny Cash's home down was created by the New Deal?

(information from the 2/23/2009 Bop Street show - archived at http://www.kfai.org/node/46)

March 7, 2009

Play time

Oh no! Liberty's Kids no longer "lives" on PBS.org and I was really looking forward to making my own newspaper. There is however a long list of other options in a drop down box. Alas, but how to pick which one? Mom!! Help!

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