March 4, 2009

Forewarned is forearmed

So the saying goes. When leaving comments for some blogs, I used my google/blogger account when name + this url wasn't accepted. Please note that if you follow the name link you will find my public...or is it private...anyway my non-school blog. As the question of "appropriate for an educational space" has lately arisen, I'd like to forewarn all that there is a reason and I did not just use it for the class blog (okay, in truth several reasons). They probably aren't near the top (though today's post might be considered racy) but if one were to dig one would probably not think "classroom appropriate." Whether this warning serves to entice or deter you is out of my control, do remember that forewarned is forearmed. Happy Wednesday!

PS: As a K-12 student, I loved crossword puzzle assignments...and I still love crossword puzzles. Look what I stumbled upon last week

February 20, 2009

Some other links

In case anyone has extra time on their hands:

Somehow I ended up on a list for Games For Educators . I've never really checked them out, but can forward their most recent "newsletter" to any interested parties.

And an interesting, albeit disturbing, op-ed on Roman Polanski and the power of media (spin):
Whitewashing Roman Polanski

Happy end to the Rest Week to all!

February 12, 2009

Lara Croft moves to Japan

News tidbit -