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Guitarists and more rock out at Open Mic

By Sarah Hasselquist
Posted Oct. 5, 2006

At 10 p.m. Wednesday in the Kirby Rafters, folding chairs fill the dark room as is usual. Two table lamps in the back and four red stage lights reveal a folding chair and two microphones in center stage. Music plays from a CD, and two guys bust out dancing near the table.
Ten minutes later, guitarist Donny Osadchuck sits in center stage. Late Night Kirby’s Open Mic Night begins.
Ten minute performance slots filled up from 10 p.m. Wednesday until 12:30 a.m. Thursday in the first three minutes for signing up.
“It’s always the first one that fills up really well,? said Kirby Program Board member Dan Sarles.
By 10:15 p.m., about 60 people appeared in the Rafters. After singer and guitarist Osadchuk played two songs, he asked if he had time for one more or if he should quit for the night.
“One more song!? the crowd responded.
Sarles commented after the event that the crowd was smaller than he had expected, but the performances were good.
Dave Mehling and Kyle Swanson were two of the artists who sang and played acoustic guitar and harmonica.
“I would say either Mehling or Swanson performed the best,? Sarles said. “I enjoy their sets the most.?
Of the night’s 15 acts, 11 were solo male acoustic guitarists who sang. The other acts were the country duet of Jordan Taylor and Alex Evans, rapper Manny Rivas, the bluegrass duet of Andrew Gabel and Galynn White, and crude comedian Josh Hinke.
“I’m gonna sing in the heavenly quar [choir] one of these days? was one line from Taylor’s and Evan’s tunes which had an especially strong country twang. Their singing was accompanied by Evan on a bright red acoustic guitar and Taylor on banjo.
Taylor and Evan said they had not practiced much, but the crowd still clapped to the beat without any encouragement from the duo.
Rivas did not wait for his accompaniment before he began rapping. As soon as he had the spotlight and the crowd went quiet, he began. This year is the marketing major’s fourth year performing at Open Mic Night.
Rivas announced between songs that he has a show coming up in Wausau, WI, on Oct. 6.
“It’s for a snowboarding video premier, so that should be f-ing sick,? Rivas said with a laugh.
Next up after Rivas were Gabel and White, who called themselves “Gabel and Galynn.? The audience clapped to the beat of their bluegrass tune and other listeners danced in the back while Galynn fiddled on violin and Gabel strummed on guitar.
Gabel and Galynn also play at Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake, Amazing Grace Café, and Beaners.
Hinke came on stage a few acts later to get some laughs out of the crowd.
Hinke transitioned fluidly between punch-lines about ordering pizza, where guys keep their underwear in their dressers, housing situations, a Cosmopolitan Magazine article about “100 sex things to do before you die,? the size of his genitals, and internet dating sites in just ten minutes before he left the stage.
Listeners came in and out throughout the night, but the last of the crowd left at about 12:45 a.m. Thursday morning.
Open Mic Nights are held on the last Wednesday of every month in the Kirby Rafters with sign up starting at 9 p.m. and performances starting at 10 p.m., and admission is free for UMD students.
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