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Naturally Seven is coming to UMD

By Sarah Hasselquist
Posted Oct. 5, 2006

You close your eyes after seven men walk on stage. You hear the drums, guitar, bass, and trumpet. However, when you open your eyes you see that those seven men are holding only microphones.
This is Naturally 7, an a cappella group that started up in 1998 in New York City that sings in five-part harmonies while also sounding like a full band using only their voices - hence the ‘naturally’ in the group’s name.
They will perform in the Weber Music Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m., and the concert is free to UMD students. In the group’s repertoire are some Christmas and Gospel songs, some original melodies and some old R&B tunes such as “Bridge Over Troubled Water? by Simon and Garfunkel.
Kirby Program Board staff members Jon Nash and Ben Berg first saw Naturally 7 perform at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last spring. Both plan to attend the concert this Wednesday.
“I closed my eyes to better take in the music, yet I constantly had to open my eyes to make sure that they hadn't taken out some instruments and started to play them,? Nash said.
“Their original melodies combined with their soulful voices are ones that will resonate throughout your head for days to come,? Nash added.
Berg was also impressed with Naturally 7.
“You gotta go see it. You can’t put it into words,? said Berg.
After touring in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New England, Iowa, and Massachusetts, Naturally 7 will go to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany before the end of this year.

ON THE NET: http://www.n7house.de/ - The Web site for Naturally 7