violence against women

A friend of mine showed me this article about three women who survived abusive relationship they have been in for quite a long time. As I was reading the article I thought about our class and how we covered so many other issues related to women but we barely or never discussed the issue of abusive relationship. This article made me realize that there are many women and children who are affected by abusive relation but they never come out. This is an issue that is on the rise in an alarming level and there are many victims that do not report the issue to agencies dealing with it. A reason why this is on the rise is because women do not know their basic rights to protect them and their children in a relationship which leads to continuing dismal situation of the family. In this article the women are mainly brainwashed by their husbands, for example one of the women talks about how she could not order food in a restaurant when her husband was with her because she could not do anything for herself and if she did she would be beat. She was brainwashed and thought she did not have rights to fight for herself.

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