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Student Teaching, Aussie-style

Before School---------------------------Junior Band Reh.------------------------Perc Ens Reh.-----Concert Band Reh.
Per. 1 (8:50-9:38)----VPS - All Day----------------------SH - 9.1-5 in MU2----VPS - All Day------Lee Lesson
Per. 2 (9:38-10:26)---VPS - All Day----------------------WS - 7.4 in MU7------VPS - All Day-----Kim Lesson
Per. 3 (10:52-11:40)--VPS - All Day---WS - 7.2--------WS - 7.2 in MU2------VPS - All Day-----Lee Lesson
Per. 4 (11:40-12:28)--VPS - All Day---WS - 7.4----------------------------------VPS - All Day-----Kim Lesson
Per. 5 (1:29-2:17)-----VPS - All Day---SH - 9.1-5--------------------------------VPS - All Day
Per. 6 (2:17-3:05)-----VPS - All Day---SH - 9.1-5--------------------------------VPS - All Day
After School------------------------------Stage Band Reh.------------------------Concert Band Reh.

The weekly schedule that I am adhering to at the moment is rather packed, and keeps me busy with students of all age levels. On Mondays, I'm working with two classes of 2nd graders and two classes of 4th graders at VPS, or Vermont Primary School. On Tuesday afternoons, I work with Mr. Wise (WS) and Mr. Shannon (SH) and their classes of 7th and 9th graders, respectively, at VSC, or Vermont Secondary College. The stage band (or jazz band with some rock tunes here and there) also rehearses after school on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:45.

On Wednesday, I'm back with the same students I had on Tuesday afternoon, so there's some continuity in which students I see every week! The students are pretty fun and I'm getting to know them a little better each week. On Thursdays I'm back at VPS, working with 1st graders and 5th graders, and VSC's concert band rehearses after school, also from 3:30-4:45.

The concert band also rehearses before school on Fridays, from 7:45-8:30, and the turnout is usually much lower than the Thursday rehearsal! Ensembles are optional at VSC, so students usually interpret this as "show up when you want to". I observe some woodwind lessons at VSC on Fridays with Mr. Lee Trigg and Mrs. Kim Green. They're both fantastic woodwind teachers and I enjoy sitting in on their lessons.



I think your schedule is more complicated than mine. Mine is this:
6:45am: wake up
8:00am-10:30pm: Drum Corps
11ish: Bed

Hey guys, sorry the schedule is so screwy. It makes a little more sense if you copy the text and paste it into WordPad or a similar document.


What's up with Cheers, if you pick up any silly Aussie sayings i'm going to beat you up, 'merica

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