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February 27, 2007

Digital billiboards

Duluth city council is discussing limiting digital billboards. Should digital billboards be regulated?

First off it's wasted energy to keep that thing running with crappy ads that crowd that thing.
Secondly digital billiboards may have good intentions but if it draws too much attention it could potentially endanger people's lives if they are constantly looking at it.


What is a good font for web / interactive design?

well the universal standard is verdana isn't it?
It is overused, same with Arial.

trebuchet MS could be a good candidate, or a serif font like Georgia.


A kiosk I have found is the AGFA photo kiosk. It's not competely accurate and sometimes people don't press around the correct area causing miss prints/missed photos. The buttons are too small, and the interface lacks. It was a very simple interface yet somehow people still managed to not be able to work it properly.

pros - you don't have to deal with the customer face to face.
big con - doesn't work all the time.

February 4, 2007

Assignment three... or two?

Our assignment was to blah de daa a website and blah this. My partner was Laurie Lawrence, the woman who has more years of experience in graphic design than I've lived my life. I humbly accepted the request of being her partner and apparently she "strong armed me" into the tourism websites. OUCH! I think I was late to class..

anyways we evaluated three sites, took notes and Laurie developed a very well done layout of the websites, and notes all in one for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

are you sure you want to do it? It could lead to bad things.