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In the article about Indian doctor from the Star Tribune, there were several sources used. Two newspapers, the Toronto Star and the Times of India, were used in the article. The article also used local news reports and the Indian police as sources of their information, though the local news report they used isn't named. There are also many times throughout the article where the words "police", and "authorities" are use which may be referring back to the Indian police. The information from the police is scattered throughout the article probably because it is the main source being used. Each newspaper that was used has its own little paragraph with all of the information, so it's easy for the reader to keep track of what is going on. The format for attribution in this article is that the writer cited the Indian police at the beginning, and proceeded to use words like "police", "authorities" and "investigators" for the remainder of the story. This is somewhat confusing because they all could very well be referring back to the Indian police, but I can't be sure. It was effective how the writer kept the information from the two newspaper together, but it really would not have made sense to do it any other way. I did like though how the writer separated the two newspaper sources in the article though to avoid confusing.