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Four-Year-Old Boy Beat to Death

Carla Poole was arrested Sunday Feb.10th for beating four-year-old Demond Reed to death, reported the Star Tribune.

Poole 37, cousin of Demond's father, Tony Reed, agreed to take Demond in when Reed was sent to the Hennepin County workhouse for marijuana possession, according to the Pioneer Press.

Poole had said that the boy had been taken by a woman named Shawna Williams when Reed’s girlfriend came to pick him up. According to Demond’s grandmother, Charmon Brown.

The story and the name were completely made up as Demond was already dead at that point. Police found the body a few days later in a garbage bag in a closet of Poole’s duplex in North Minneapolis.

Police say that Demond was beaten for wetting his pants. Poole had two of her four children, ages four and six, hold down Demond while she beat him. At least one of the other two children witnessed the beating.

Poole contemplated calling the 911, but eventually decided not to out of fear, according to one of Poole’s children, and 11-year-old girl. The boy had a seizure and threw up, and eventually stopped breathing. The next morning the 11-year old said Demond’s body was “frozen?. (Pioneer Press) Poole through a blanket over Demond and moved him to the closet two days later.