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I will be analyzing the structure for the Star Tribune article on the death of Demond Reed. The Story starts with a lead about the arrest of Poole for beating Reed and gives details about when, where, and how Demond died. Then the story went into the key details of what happened leading up to the death of Reed. This part was pretty much a summary of the story about Reed’s disappearance that ran last week. Next the article talked about the search for Reed and how they discovered him. I think the organization of this story was effective. The reader receives all the vital facts up front. Then the article refreshes the reader with what they presumably already know about the story, because the information ran last week. But it was still good to review what was already known about the case, before leaping ahead to the new information about the searching and discovering of the body. I think this method helped guide the reading clearly through the process of what happened. Chronologically the story is a little bit confusing, considering the boy was already dead when his disappearance was announced last week, but the was this story was structured helps keep everything strait for the reader.