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University of Minnesota Tuition Expected to Surpass $10,000

The price of tuition at the University of Minnesota will almost certainly surpass 10 grand for the first time, reported the Star Tribune.
The tuition hike has been expect for while, but Friday any glimmer of hope to keep the price-tag of the University from reaching five figures was doused, even though the increase won't officially be released until April.
"I don't see any possibility that we can roll it back," said University President Robert Bruininks following a presentation to the school's regents Friday. (Star Tribune)
The increase is attributed in part to not enough money coming from the state government. The increase is expected to be 7.5 percent more that previous tuition for families making over $150,000 per year and 5.5 percent for families making less.
Tuition at the University has been increasing by more and more for the past four decades.
According to the Pioneer Press undergraduate tuition and fees at the University rose 10 percent during the 1970s, 42 percent in the 1980s, 37 percent in the 1990s and 66 percent in the first seven years of this decade, making it one of the most expensive state universities in the entire country.
This is an alarming fact for students, who are finding it more and more difficult to pay for college every year. Bruininks said that 60.5 percent of students graduating in four years receive loans and the average debt is about $20,500 when talking to the regents on Friday.
"Compared to what our parents paid for school, it's ridiculous," said Anthony West, a freshman from Mahtomedi. (Star Tribune)