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Violence in Baghdad Continues with Twin Bombs

At least 54 people were killed in Baghdad Thursday when two bombs stuck a busy shopping area in the city, reported the New York Times.

Iraqi authorities reported 54 deaths and 123 more wounded according to the New York Times, but by early Friday an official said the toll had escalated to 69 people, according the <u>China Daily.

The bombing was especially deadly because of a tactic used by the bombers in which one bomb is set off followed by another a few minutes later. The second bomb killed many of the civilians, policemen and emergency officials who rushed to help the victims of the first bomb. Chucks of human flesh were sprayed for as far as 50 yards, according to the New York Times.

It does not appear to be clear how the second bomb was detonated. Some witnesses said it was strapped to a suicide bomber, but other think it may have been planted beforehand. Witnesses said the first bomb had been planted in a trashcan.

Baghdad has seen an increase in violence the past few weeks. Just back in February a series of bombings killed nearly 100 at two pet stores. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called this most recent bombing an attack against the Iraqi people.

"The remnants of terrorism committed a new heinous crime against innocent civilians in Karrada district in Baghdad which claimed the lives of many civilians and wounded many others." (China Daily)