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Woman Thrown Into Traffic in Road Rage Incident

A Prior Lake woman was thrown into oncoming traffic on Hwy. 169 by a man in a road-rage Monday, according to the Star Tribune.

Jennifer Boulden, 34 and mother of five, had just made a legal U-turn when she missed her exit to Shakopee, when the man behind her started honking and motioning for her pull over. She pulled her car over and the man was screaming at her.She got out and walked over to his truck to apologize. When the man continued cursing and yelling Boulden tried to call 911. The man then seized her phone and threw it into the road, and then picked up Boulden herself and tossed her into the road.

"I remember rolling over and hearing skidding brakes. A lady got out and stopped traffic. A man ran and scooped me up and carried me to side of road," Boulden said. (Star Tribune)

Boulden was released from St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee on Thursday, but may need surgery after suffering two herniated discs in her spinal column, as well as both a severely injured lower back and right leg.

Scott County investigators are not sure that they will ever catch the man who threw Boulden into traffic, as he sped off from the scene quickly and no one could get his license plate number, according to Kare 11 News.

All the information the authorities have so far is that the main was driving a truck, likely with a camper shell. Neither Boulden or any of the witnesses could provide a description of the man or the truck.

"It's going to be very difficult unless another witness comes forward," said Captain Greg Muelken of the Scott County Police. (Kare 11 News)