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Diversity Analysis

For me diversity analysis entry, I will be looking at the Star Tribunehttp://www.startribune.com/local/17406054.html?page=2&c=y article about the controversial Muslim public school in Inver Grove Heights.

The story is definitely not a stereotype. It goes into the various practices that occur in the TIZA school that violates laws of mixing public school with religion. The story is pretty balanced all in all. At one point the author notes that if the same thing was going on with Christianity at a public school, that the situation would have been taken care of long ago. You can tell that the author is looking at this story with an unbiased eye and is simply comparing what is going on at the school with what is actually legal.

I actually learned a few things about Islam that I didn't know before reading the story, mainly based on the first hand accounts of the substitute teacher, Amanda Getz. I didn't know the details about the ritual washing that occurs before Muslims pray for example.

I already knew that their are laws against mixing public schools and religion, but I didn't know some of the finer points about them that this story pointed out. The article does a good job of articulating these laws so it makes it easy for the reader to decide if the school violated them. The article definitely does have its own opinion on the story, but it is such a well supported opinion that I think just about everyone can agree that it is essentially a fact that some of the practices at this school are illegal.