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Florida Teenagers Videotape Brutal Beating of Florida Girl

Eight teenagers have been arrested for the viscous beating of Victoria Lindsay in Lakeland, Fla, according to MyFox Tampa Bay.

On March 30th, two girls told Lindsay,16, to meet them at a house in South Lakeland, were four other girls were also hiding, according to investigators. When Lindsay walked in the six girls beat her to unconsciousness. When she came to they beat her some more, according to sheriff's office documents. Two boys were standing lookout at the house.

Lindsay suffered a concussion, as well as damage to both her left ear and eye. She also has number of bruises, though she is expected to recover, according to the Star Telegram.

The video did not become public until this past week, in which some of the friends tapped the excruciating pummeling on their cell phones. The video shows that Lindsay never fought back during the beating. The Eight teens have charged with third-degree felonies for battery and false imprisonment, reported MyFox Tampa Bay.

The girls were planing to post the video on Myspace and YouTube to embarrass Lindsay and teach her a lesson, according to investigators. Apparently they were retaliating from some trash talk Lindsay had posted on her Myspace page about them.

Lindsay was a senior honor student at Mulberry High School, but will continue her education at home rather than return to school, according to the Star Telegram.

"She's scared. Scared to go back to school, scared to go out in public because she's afraid of repercussions that may happen," Patrick Lindsay, her father, said. (MyFox Tampa Bay)