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High Food Proces Threaten Haiti

High food prices have lead to deadly protesting and an increasingly large hunger problem in Haiti, reported the Associated Press Sunday.

Almost of all of the food in Haiti is imported, and global food prices have risen 40 percent in less than a year. Haiti is already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with most of its residents surviving on less than $2 dollars a day, according to the New York Times. The recent increase in food prices is just adding to the trouble, and the residents of Haiti aren't standing for it.

On Wednesday police had to fend off rioters in Haiti who were looting government buildings and burning tires in Port-au-Prince, the countries capital, according to the New York Times. A total of seven people have died in the past week do to protests, including a member of the U.N police force, reported the Associated Press.

The U.N. World Food Program has appealed for donations to help them reach their goal of $96 million to help aid Haiti. Mamadou Mbaye, who heads the U.N. World Food Program's office in Haiti, says that Haiti's deeply rooted problems of poverty and and dependence on imported food will take a while to fix.

"Some measures will generate results in the long term ... but whether people will be willing to wait for that is another issue," Mbaye said. (Associated Press)