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Marijuana Debate Heating Up

The debate over legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes is up, according to the Pioneer Press Monday.

The Marijuana Policy Product is launching a statewide television advertisement campaign to push for the ability of critically ill patients to be able to legally obtain the drug.

"I'm tired of being a criminal," said Lynn Rubenstein Nicholson of Minneapolis, who fell through a ceiling when she was ten and has suffered extreme pain ever since. Nicholson, 49, has used marijuana in the past for pain relief. (Pioneer Press)

The Minnesota Senate has already past a bill that would allow marijuana use for the treatment of such conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Aids. The House is expected to vote on the bill in the next three weeks. If it passed, it would then be up to Gov. Tim Pawlenty to pass the bill that would make Minnesota the 13th state legalize the drug for medical purposes, according to the Star Tribune.

Their is growing data that marijuana can be a beneficial treatment for diseases that cause extreme pain. In order to qualify to use it, a doctor must prescribe it. Patients would then need to register and carry an ID card that shows they have been advised by a health professional to use the drug, according to the Star Tribune.

At this point however it seems Gov. Pawlenty would be unlikely to pass the bill even if it did pass the house, because law enforcement does not back the bill, according to the Pioneer Press.