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Numbers Analysis

For my numbers analysis, I will be looking at the New York Times article about increase food stamp use.

The reporters used numbers throughout the story. He used numbers of the amount of people receiving food stamps, percentages of populations using food stamps and percent increase of the number of people using food stamps in certain states. The reporter also uses numbers to state the average family incomes and average amount of aid received in the food stamp program.

Despite the large amount of numbers used, the reported has organized and explained them well so that the reader doesn't get lost.

The reported obviously had to do some math to calculate some of the numbers. One example was when he reported that food stamps recipients grew 10 percent or more in a number of states from Dec 2006 to Dec 2007. The reported had to look at the old number of people who received food stamps and the new number of people and calculate the percent change.

The reported used a lot of different sources to get the numbers for the story. The Congressional Budget Office, the Michigan Department of Human Services and the Department of Agriculture were all among the numerous sources used.