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Record Analysis

For this entry I will be examine an article on the life and crimes of con-artist Cindy McKay that was written in The Baltimore Sun.
In the article there are obviously certain public records used, such as police reports and criminal histories. This is apparent when the article says that police determined the house of McKay's ex-husband was burned down in 2002 by careless smoking, when actually McKay had stabbed him to death and then burned the house down herself. The reported had to go back and look at the police report from over five years ago to discover what was though to be the cause of the burned house.

This three-part series used a lot of different online tool to further enhance the story. My favorite one is the interactive map that had spots throughout the eastern United States to click on that detailed the various crimes and periods in McKay's life. The reporter had to know how to create an interactive map like that on the computer.