Differences in Work and Communication styles

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This survey discusses the generational differences between those 55 and older and those 25-34 in the workplace. It is becoming increasingly common to have younger people in professional and managerial positions. Though this does not bother older workers, it often changes how they do work, as the younger generation of workers often think, communicate, and address projects in slightly different manners.

Though the intent and content and construct validity appear to be ok, this particular study seems to be missing some vital information. One would be response bias. What happened to workers between ages 35 and 54? There are many workers in this age bracket that I'm sure also have opinions, so the study comes across as not very reliable when it skips an entire 20 years' worth of workers.

The major differences I can see from this study are how workers believe work should be done, i.e. at home or in the office and how the two groups approach projects. The younger generation of the two would prefer to develop a detailed plan, while the older generation would prefer to jump right in. This could be a difference from educational backgrounds or just personal preferences that happen to correlate this way. There is no doubt that with advances in technology the modern job market and work place is shifting, so being aware of the differences between age groups is vital to have successful work environments.

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