Ethical Considerations

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This is an article on ethics out of Australia, which, I believe, goes to show how universal the issue of ethics really is. It also demonstrates how the same issues of ethics are being deliberated about globally and many countries appear to have the same issues when it comes to researching particular groups, in this case children under the age of 18.
The issues found here are consent and privacy. The article poses the question of is a person aged 18 years and one day really that much more mature and able to consent of themselves than a person 17 years and 10 months? I found this quite interesting, as many times at this age maturity levels vary greatly and it really does not make a difference and should not, considering the research itself be of ethical proportions. The other issue of privacy is touchy because, again, maturity levels vary greatly and parents are not involved in all personal behaviors of their children that may be surveyed, so why would they be willing to give consent for their children to give that information up to a surveyor? The ethical concerns in this article go far beyond parental consent and privacy, though, and stretch into those of public vs. private information (such as when using internet or mobile devices) and being overheard in public spaces.
I believe that this article is very thought-provoking and gives a good insight on perspectives that should be used to discuss ethical situations. As we know, ethics are a big factor in most research projects, as researchers must be careful to not out-step their boundaries and fall into potentially detrimental ethical situations that could arise from mishandling of participants or information.

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