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This short video gives a brief run-down of how Google uses its Insights feature to help any size business grow and develop. They make use of consumer surveys via internet response as a large part of their research program. Google also emphasizes the speed at which they conduct research and how people completing the surveys and aiding in the research also gain from doing so. After completing research, people will gain access to select areas of websites or articles.
I found this video interesting because I had heard of Google Insights during my internship this summer. I had worked a lot with background research and development for mobile applications and SEO, all of which would be aided by this Google Insights program. If a company or person were to obtain information and feedback from Google Insights, it would ease the ability to target specific audiences or know what high-tech users desire in new mobile or internet applications.
One of the downfalls I see with this program in particular is its emphasis on the internet. Though that may be great for development of mobile or internet applications, a small bike store, as mentioned at the start of the video, might not have a huge internet interest or following, and they could be better off conducting research on some other platform. Another potential pitfall is that the video mentioned world-wide participation. Again, beneficial for some companies, but potentially detrimental for others. Some, like again the small bike shop, may have a very concentrated amount of people they would like to hear from. Also, would you be able to control who is answering the surveys? If I own a coffee shop here in Minneapolis, I wouldn't want the opinion of someone in Russia, because they are not my desired customer base. These are just some things companies may want to consider or question Google about before signing up for the Google Insights program.
A benefit to this program is that Google is a globally recognized and trusted brand, making reliability and validity less of an issue when it comes to the researchers themselves. It seems as though consumers would be more likely to take an online survey from a website if it was attached to Google than some random website such as

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