How do you feel about the new Ipad launch?

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This particular survey asked respondents how they felt about the timing of the release of the new Apple Ipad 4 and Ipad mini, as well as compared the two to other similar devices such as the Amazon Kindle. The survey had a sample size of 2000 online consumers. The survey asked questions regarding people's general opinion toward Apple, the timing of release of current products, and buying behavior considering these new products. It found that many people were angry at the fact that there were only a few months in between the release dates of the Ipad3 and Ipad4 and, additionally, the Ipad minis. The respondents were adults 18 and older that had elected to participate in Toluna online surveys. The company weighted the percentage of previous Ipad owners in the group to resemble that of Ipad owners nationwide.
There are a few trouble areas I see with this particular survey. The first being the respondents. Since people had already elected to be a part of these online surveys their participation is voluntary, and, thus, the results will show a bias of some sort. Also, many times voluntary survey takers are more likely to resemble one another; therefore it is possible that the sample is not representative of the nation as a whole, even though the company claims to have considered proportions of Ipad owners to non-owners in its sample.
The second issue with this survey, I believe, is the behavior vs. response issue we have previously discussed in class. In a couple questions in the survey, respondents are asked whether they would buy the new Ipad, Ipad mini, or another device. Depending on their rage with apple or general attitude at the time they may say they will not purchase any items, if the respondent just received a raise at work they may claim to buy all new products. So, again, this response bias and buyer behavior issue might impact the reliability of the survey in the end.
Also, as with all online surveys, you cannot be 100% positive that people are who they say they are online. For example, in this case, a person may claim to be a 30 year old Ipad owner, but actually be a 40 year old non-owner, and, as a result, not interested in any of the other products. This will also skew results that have been adjusted for age, race, sex, education, and race as the responses would not necessarily line up and you may have outlying data.

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