Meatless Monday

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An online survey conducted by FGI research came to find that the concept of "Meatless Monday" reduced people's meat intake and encourages healthier habits in daily lives. 36% of people responded saying they were aware of Meatless Monday and makes them consider cutting meat back (or out). Majorities also responded saying it's making them eat more fruits and vegetables, and almost half said it is making them eat more whole grain and beans. According to the results, 62% of those influenced by "meatless Monday" say they are trying to include it in their weekly habits.
I believe that this study raises an array of questions. For starters, it brings about the response versus behavior debate. Though many people may say they are influenced by the concept of Meatless Monday or are trying to incorporate it weekly, how many actually do? Or how many are in a rush and go grab fast food burgers instead?
Also, only an online survey was conducted. What about those who are aware of meatless Monday but do not take online surveys or even go online? What about those who don't practice meatless Monday or weren't aware, but instead utilize a vegetarian diet or don't eat meat on Fridays? Obviously it is incredibly difficult to conduct a flawless survey, but this particular one seems to only be aimed at an exclusive group.
Another comment made the survey was that the idea of "meatless Monday" was forcing people to think more creatively about their cooking while not including meat. This might again, only apply to thought and not actual behavior as well as not taking into account people that usually don't cook and only must when creating meatless dishes due to certain circumstances.

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