Multivitamins lower cancer risk, study found

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Daily Multivitamin Cuts Men's Cancer Risk by 8%, Large Study Finds
This study is quite interesting, especially with so much of our country's inhabitants affected by cancer each year. It found that by taking a multivitamin every day, men older than 50 cut their risk of cancer by about 8%. Though this is not a huge percentage, it is a decrease in cancer, which could lead to many lives being saved as a result of this study.
However, this study was the first like it. That being said, it makes me a bit leery to completely trust the results since there is nothing to compare them to. It is hard to say that the study is truly reliable, since there has not been any repetition or retesting up to this point. The study still could be seen as valid since it seemed to measure the risk of cancer after taking a daily multivitamin, but this could just be facial validity.
I also find it difficult to fully believe this study because the article mentions the "centrum silver" brand multiple times. This could almost be seen as an endorsement, or false advertising. It is not a long shot to assume that some people will associate the brand with lowering cancer risk and disregard all other brands, though they may be virtually the same.

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