U of M health behaviors of College Women survey

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Today I received an email from the University asking me to complete a survey on the health behavior of college women.
The start of the survey had necessary consent and information about the survey. However, some of the following questions had issues.
The first was with the question "were you born in the US?" and the answers were Yes or No. The question following is the one that really raised concern with me. It was,
"What generation are you?"
With the answers:

1st generation (I immigrated to the United States)
2nd generation (my parents immigrated to the United States)
3rd generation (my grandparents immigrated to the United States)

The issue here is that the categories are not exhaustive. I, like many others I am sure, do not fall under these categories, and, therefore, cannot answer properly.

This question I also found confusing:
"Please rate your reaction to each statement on a zero-to-10 scale on which a 10 means you think the statement is a very strong and important concern."

This was confusing since they did not fully explain the scale, giving the number 1 a meaning as well as the number 10.

There were also many very personal and controversial issues asked on the survey, some of which I don't think matter in the grand scheme of health behavior. I was expecting to be asked about diseases or medical conditions I have or have experienced.

This survey did use repetition of questions to check for validity throughout the duration of the survey. I was asked multiple times if I had certain tests done or not.

The survey was long, and was focused on women's issues like pregnancy and abortion, which was not what I was expecting from the title and intro to the survey which I did not like and found slightly deceiving, which brings up some ethical concerns as well.

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