February 5, 2007

Man Charged With Murder of 18-Year-Old's Unborn Child

A man was charged with the murder of his girlfriend’s unborn child after she miscarried within hours of being brutally beaten by him inside an apartment elevator.

Dino Scott, 20, was charged on Tuesday with third-degree assault and with second-degree murder of an unborn child, according to Ramsey County prosecutors.

Namrata Ceisel, Scott’s 18-year-old girlfriend, miscarried just hours after being beaten unconscious by Scott. A security camera captured the entire incident, which took place after 7 a.m. Sunday inside an elevator at the Maple Pond Homes, 1854 Beebe Rd. in Maplewood, where Scott’s father lives.

Scott was apparently aware that he was on camera during the entire beating, according to Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner. “He obviously knew the camera was there,? Gaertner said. “He obviously assumed the camera was working. He went ahead and brutally assaulted his girlfriend anyway. That’s very brazen and despicable.?

Scott smirked and displayed his middle finger to the camera before he began to assault Ceisel, according to the criminal complaint. The report then describes the grisly beating: “For 20 seconds, he continually punches and kicks Ms. Ceisel until she appears to be knocked unconscious. Mr. Scott can be seen dragging Ms. Ceisel’s limp body off of the elevator by one arm.?

The criminal complaint also reports that Scott returned a minute after the beating to wipe the blood from the elevator walls. No motive for the beating was given in the complaint.

Ceisel was listed as being in stable condition at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, doctors said Tuesday. Doctors at St. John’s told investigators that Ceisel had been 12 weeks pregnant and that the miscarriage was a direct result of the beating.

Scott was charged under a law that acknowledges a separate victim in cases involving acts of violence against women who are pregnant, Gaertner said.

Since its enactment in 1986 four people have been charged in Ramsey County under the statute. Ceisel represents the county’s first case in which the mother survived.