August 15, 2006

Current Best Practices and Exemplars in Diversity Efforts in the AHC

1. Creating and strengthening partnerships/formal agreements with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and other institutions with a large proportion of underrepresented students

2. Revising core competencies to include diversity/cultural elements (Public Health: “Cross Cutting Competencies�-ASPH working to develop)

3. Initiating the first meeting of all academic searching with EEOA (diversity) coaching

4. Assigning to an Associate Dean of student affairs the responsibility to devote a percentage of time to diversity/culture programming

5. Creating a Center for American Indian and Minority Health

6. Offering seminars/workshops with EOAA to evoke broad discussions on race/cultural help leadership and faculty “Get It�

7. Offering evening dinner presentations including topics on culture and health-1 ½ hour-once/month;

8. Charging a college-wide Institutional Effectiveness Committee with one responsibility of diversity tracking

9. Remodeling space that is more conducive to faculty counseling/private dialogue to address sensitive issues

10. Increased number of clinical education and service learning sites in underserved communities: NorthPoint, Hibbing Clinic, CUHCC, Fremont Clinic, Broadway Clinic, Care Mobile Dental Unit

11. Conducting special Events to promote volunteerism and build cultural awareness;

12. Designating faculty point(s) to serve as cultural educator and information resource to peers;

13. Attending to esthetics in environment such as more culturally appropriate and welcoming artwork

14. Installing flat screen televisions located throughout school to promote events;

15. Establishing a program to prepare foreign trained dentists for US licensure to increase diversity in school

16. Establishing school-based diversity committees and developing school-based plans