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October 13, 2005

Comparison to Lincoln

This is a comparison or rather, contrasting aspect between the education and school life of a Lincoln student and me.
As one of my brainstorming activity points, I selected the fact that in all probability, the students at Lincoln did not feel as comfortable as did I. Firstly, let me make the point that I was educated in a private Roman Catholic primary and secondary school, so the experiences were probably more extreme (in that they were at more opposite ends of the spectrum) than that of a public school student would have been. This causes for some very interesting comparisons in that of my education and theirs (Lincoln students).
I wore a school uniform for thirteen years of my life, and loved every minute of it. It gave us a sort of subconscious security, in that there was less you had to worry about. You didn't have to wake up two hours earlier just to decide what you were going to wear. You didn't have to go out and try to buy the newest and best shoes or sweatshirt to outdo anyone. You all looked the same; yes, ugly, but the same. It was often a point of conversation--the uniforms. A very light one at that.
The school was a predominately white, upper middle-class setting. The teachers as well as students were in this category. We usually never had to worry about paying for lunch (unless you forgot to bring money that day) or field trips or anything over tuition. It was never a point of concern.
I felt safe at school. Nothing was ever going to happen to me. Even though we were in the inner St. Paul city, and there were no guards or officers on duty, I felt extremely safe. It was a very comforting, warm feeling. There were never threats of sexual offenders on the loose or even close to us, like so many of Lincoln students I'm sure are worried about. School was a safe, fun environment and one I wish everyone could feel, and experience.

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This is very well developed so far but there is not any support or statistics in comparison to Lincoln. I'm sure the you were planning on adding these later so there aren't any complaints here... good detail and writing style so far.

Posted by: Mike Peterson at October 13, 2005 3:38 PM

Thinking about why there's that difference in safety might be a good thing--what do you think caused that? You bring up some good points here--I'll be interested to see how you connect them to Lincoln.

Posted by: Jerry at October 13, 2005 3:39 PM

I think that you have the makings of a very interesting paper. There are very high-contrast differences between your education and Lincoln school. I think the money thing will be a big factor. Do you think that a private school gives a better education than public?? I went to a Catholic elementary school but it wasn't full of money. We had the green-screen computers like they had in that video but they were fun at the time. I don't think anything like that really could affect my education..having the latest technology isn't going to make you smarter....

Posted by: Kaisa at October 13, 2005 3:45 PM

i really like how you compared the two. it really shows the different lifestyle you had. also relating how you, being in st paul, and them, being in mpls, both are in the city and yet you felt really safe. its a good point and you should have a good paper.

Posted by: nate at October 13, 2005 3:45 PM