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November 15, 2005


If anyone wants to know about schoolwork, chime in. Over the past weekend, I have had so much homework that I'm going insane. I am in an analytical film class (which means you watch movies and write papers). This class I had to write a major essay in which I had to rent a foreign film, watch it shot by shot and anylyze the meaning of it. This was a five page paper. It was very difficult to complete. This was due monday. I had another five to six page paper due today, and a Math exam also. Oh yea, and I had another psychology test yesterday as well in which you had to read a chapter in the text book that was fifty (text book) pages long. All in all, it was not a fun weekend. I had no time to do anything else. I guess this is just the teachers getting in what they need to in time for the semester to end. It is not fun. Its somewhat ok though, because I have a bit of a break now.

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