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September 14, 2006

New Books in Education: July 2006

Here’s a list of new books added to U Libraries during July 2006: Education Disciplines (CHED)

New Books: July 2006

New DVDs in Education & Counseling

Browse a list of new DVD's recently added to the library in the areas of education, counseling, and related subjects

DVD Details: Download List

Most are housed in the Walter Library Learning Resource Center.


o Working with Students from the Culture of Poverty
o With all Deliberate Speed: The Legacy of Brown v. Board
o Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory
o A Visit to One School's Bullying Prevention Program
o Autism
o Secret Life of the Brain
o Consulting with Teachers
o Counseling Latina/Latino Clients
o Cognitive Therapy
o Working with Stepfamilies
o Working with Children Who have Experienced Neglect Or Abuse
o Bullying Prevention
o Client-Directed Outcome-Focused Psychotherapy
o Working with Children with ADHD
o Working with African American
o Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients
o Working with Asian American Clients
o Working with Preschoolers Who Stutter : Successful Intervention Strategies
o Chile : Education for all
o Cognitive-Behavioral Couples Therapy
o Declining by Degrees : Higher Education at Risk
o Autism : The Unfolding Mystery
o Counseling : Listening to and Talking with Parents of Children Who Stutter
o Living with ADHD
o Epilepsy One in One Hundred Kids
o Measuring Success in Treatment for Autism
o Harm Reduction with High School Students
o Brief Dynamic Therapy
o Obsessions, Understanding OCD
o Helping Children Understand Adoption
o Culture-Centered Counseling
o Time to Teach! : Encouragement, Empowerment, and Excellence in Every Classroom
o Autism Spectrum Disorders & the SCERTS Model : A Comprehensive Educational Approach
o Treating Adolescents with ADHD
o ADHD & LD, Powerful Teaching Strategies and Accommodations
o Discovery : Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome
o Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression
o The Effective Teacher
o Graduating Peter
o The Experiment
o Quiet Rage : The Stanford Prison Study

EPSY 8311 Proseminar 9-2006

Here is a handout for a class presentation on Sept 18, 2006.

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Find E-Full Text in Education

Tips for Finding Electronic Full-Text for Education Topics: Articles, Journals, and Books

o Interested in finding electronic full text of articles, journals, and books for research in education and related disciplines?

o Here are some tips:

Download E-Text Handout

Educational Studies in Mathematics: JSTOR E-Journal

Educational Studies in Mathematics

o A new addition to JSTOR e-journal collection
o Content: Vols. 1-51, 1968-2002
o Moving wall: 3 years


September 5, 2006

New Books in Education: Aug 2006

Browse a list of new books added to U Libraries during August 2006: Education Disciplines (CHED)

New Books August 2006