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EdPsy dissertations

Here are some recent examples of EdPsy dissertations (Educational Psychology) from the University Digital Conservancy (UDC):


Title:  Moral judgment, role concepts, and empathic response as predictors of dental student clinical effectiveness.

Authors:  Monson, Verna

Title: A validation study of the Korean version of the Minnesota Self-Determination Scales (K-MSDS) for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Authors:  Cho, Jaehyun

Title: General outcome measures of beginning handwriting development.

Authors:  Bradfield, Tracy Artemis


EdPa dissertations

Here are some examples of recent EdPa dissertations ( Educational Policy and Administration) from the University Digital Conservancy (UDC):


Title: International sojourns and acquired disabilities as intercultural experiences: a journey of personal transformation.

Authors: Voigts, Jessica

Title: Are our efforts worthwhile? international students' perceptions of a project-based program designed to internationaize higher education.

Authors:  Chaparro, Debra Payne

Title:  Assessing the intercultural sensitivity of elementary teachers in bilingual schools in a Texas school district.

Authors:  Bayles, Peggy Porterfield

Title: Educators' understandings of white privilege and its impact on professional roles.

Authors: Mitchell, Lorraine Marie

Title:  Analysis of the relationship between internationalization and the quality of higher education.

Authors:  Jang, Ji-Yeung

Title: Diminished aspiration: women central office administrators and the superintendency.

Authors:  Ottino, Krista Leigh

Title:  An analysis of the relationship between K-5 elementary school teachers' perceptions of principal instructional leadership and their science teaching efficacy.

Authors: Clark, Ian

Title: Teacher perceptions of the influence of principal instructional leadership on school culture: a case study of the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.

Authors: DuPont, Jonathan Payne

Title:  Perceptions of gender and leader emergence in virtual groups.

Authors:  Shollenberger, Sindie Lynn



Would you like to browse recent U of M dissertations?  Our dissertation collection has gone digital!

The University Digital Conservancy (UDC) offers access to most recent U of M dissertations. 

UDC Dissertation Collection

We also subscribe to Digital Dissertations.  (Proquest Dissertations & Theses)

You can find information about dissertations from many schools in the U.S. and world.   U of M dissertations and those from other Big 10 schools can be downloaded from 1997-.

Paper copies of many older U of M dissertations are kept in Wilson Library and the MLAC storage facility.  Search MNCAT by the author name or dissertation title to find the location information.

If we don't have a copy of a dissertation available, we may be able to borrow a copy for you using Interlibrary Loan


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