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Interlibrary loan -- a copy for you

Even with 6+ million volumes here in the Libraries, there may be things that you want for your research and study that are not in our library. 

Do you want articles that we don't have access to here at the U of M Libraries?  Usually we can get a pdf or other copy for you.

Or, are there books that you want that we don't have?  We'll try to borrow a copy for you. 

Currently affiliated U of M Twin Cites Campus people with active borrowing privileges can use interlibrary loan for articles, books, dissertations, and more things that we don't have here at the library. Usually there is no charge.

Set up an account and make your request at Interlibrary Loan

RefWorks Resources

The U of M Libraries offers access to RefWorks, a popular web-based citation manager.  You can use it to store and organize your citations, take notes, and generate bibliographies.

There is no charge for you to use it while currently affiliated with the U of M Twin Cities.

Here are some RefWorks resources:

  • Comparing RefWorks with EndNote and Zotero
    RefWorks & EndNote at U of W Madison
    Citation tools at Harvard
    Comparison of bibliographic software at MIT

  • YouTube also has a variety of RefWorks videos

To use RefWorks with Google Scholar, simply set your Scholar preferences to show links to import citations into RefWorks (listed under preferences>>bibliography manager)

Questions about using RefWorks can be directed to AskUs!

EdPa dissertations

Hi -- Here are a few more links to recent EdPa dissertationsMore are in an early blog entry!

Title: The lived experiences of lesbian/Gay/[bisexual/transgender] educational leaders.

Authors: Denton, Mary Jean

Title:  Ji-AAnjichigeyang 'to change the way we do things' retention of American Indian students in teacher education.

Authors: Bergstrom, Amy A.

APA Style -- 6th edition

The American Psychological Association has just published a new edition of the APA style guide:  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  (6th edition)

 It is only available in print and not e-book format.  Currently the library has several copies on order and they should be available for use soon.

A new web site is available at APA Style

Here you can link to FAQs about APA style and online tutorials. 

Citation managers

Citation managers, APA format, organizing information

EndNote, RefWorks, and Zotero are citation managers that will help you format your bibliographies and also be used to organize your information sources and notes.  Other tools are available too.

All of the citation managers allow formatting bibliographies in APA style, but be sure to proof read because sometimes the output is not fully correct. 


3 things to do:  Save the pdf, save the citation information, and have a method for saving that allows you to find the pdf/document again in your computer

Save to a specific folder, always make sure you have the citation information, saving the DOI will help you relocate it again if needed, make notes in your citation manager to help you track it (for example, pdf saved to my articles folder)

Most citation managers have search features   

Select a method that works best for you!  Taking time to learn and set up a system ahead of time will help you save time later


RefWorks step by step.pdf


Zotero is a free Firefox extension that can be downloaded from the Zotero site.  Plug-ins are available for formatting citations and bibliographies.

Internationalization & higher education

Internationalization & globalization of higher education is of interest to many.  If you would like to find U Library books on these topics here are two useful searches to try in mncat plus.

Note:  these examples use Advanced Search, quotation marks around phrases, and OR to combine related concepts.

internationalization image.jpg

internationalization OR internationalizing OR globalization

"higher education" OR "education higher"

In my first try at this search I simply entered internationalization in one box & "higher education" in another.  As I reviewed the expanded records for the results I discovered more terms to add to the search... thus, the image shows the revised version. 

In the results I also found another possible search term and decided to use that in another search example:

"education and globalization"

globalization image.jpg

"world citizenship" and other terms might be interesting to explore.

Results can be sorted on date, relevance, and popularity. 

You'll find both e-books and print books in the results. 

Click At a U of M Twin Cities library to check availability, and get it, or recall it.

The general process it to do a search & review the results for relevant items and the words/tags used to describe them, revise/expand the search, and get it!


EdPa: A selection of ejournals

Here are some e-journals that have been added to myLibrary by EdPa faculty and graduate students in recent months.

Do you want to add them to your version of myLibrary? 

Log into myLibrary on the main library web page to open your account. 


Click on the journal of interest to you & then on the Find it page, select Save citation/journal to myLibrary

save citation myLibrary.jpg

The e-journal should then show in your saved e-journal list on your myLibrary page.

Example e-journals:

American Educational Research Journal

Community college journal of research and practice

Comparative Education

Comparative education review

Educational administration quarterly

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Educational Researcher


Gender and Education

International Journal of Educational Development

Journal of education finance

JEM; Journal of Educational Measurement

Journal of studies in international education

Leadership and Policy in Schools

New directions for youth development

PJE (Peabody...)

Review of Educational Research

Review of research in education

Teachers College record

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Human Resources

You can search on our e-journals page for access to many more!  Let me know if there are other e-journals for EdPa that you would like added to this list!


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