EdPa: A selection of ejournals

Here are some e-journals that have been added to myLibrary by EdPa faculty and graduate students in recent months.

Do you want to add them to your version of myLibrary? 

Log into myLibrary on the main library web page to open your account. 


Click on the journal of interest to you & then on the Find it page, select Save citation/journal to myLibrary

save citation myLibrary.jpg

The e-journal should then show in your saved e-journal list on your myLibrary page.

Example e-journals:

American Educational Research Journal

Community college journal of research and practice

Comparative Education

Comparative education review

Educational administration quarterly

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Educational Researcher


Gender and Education

International Journal of Educational Development

Journal of education finance

JEM; Journal of Educational Measurement

Journal of studies in international education

Leadership and Policy in Schools

New directions for youth development

PJE (Peabody...)

Review of Educational Research

Review of research in education

Teachers College record

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Human Resources

You can search on our e-journals page for access to many more!  Let me know if there are other e-journals for EdPa that you would like added to this list!


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