EdPsy dissertations at the U of M

Here is a listing of recent Educational Psychology dissertations found in our University Digital Conservancy:

Examining three types of correctional feedback about errors in mechanics and grammar in students with writing difficulties in grades 4-8.
Du, Xiaoqing

The role of social class models in the relationship between socioeconomic status and academic achievement.
Lee, Kyoungwon

Moral judgment, role concepts, and empathic response as predictors of dental student clinical effectiveness.

Monson, Verna

A validation study of the Korean version of the Minnesota Self-Determination Scales (K-MSDS) for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Cho, Jaehyun

General outcome measures of beginning handwriting development.

Bradfield, Tracy Artemis

Predictors of behavioral problems for students with high-incidence disabilities
Chen, Chin-Chih

Runaway youth: predictors of family reunification
Kaewchinda, Marid

A phenomenological study of the coming out experiences of gay and lesbian Hmong.
Yang, Pahoua K.

Women's friendship dissolution: A qualitative study
Jalma, Katie S.

American Indian Vietnam combat veterans: how out-of-home placement and having a veteran primary care giver are associated with features and symptoms of trauma.
Yaekel-Black Elk, Julie Kay

The mental health sequelae and treatment of massive community violence in West Africa
Hess, Daniel Burton

Comparison of concurrent and separate multidimensional IRT linking of item parameters.
Simon, Mayuko Kanada

The Role of Spirituality in the Ongoing Recovery Process of Female Sexual Abuse Survivors
Houg, Bonnie Louise

Pragmatic and dialectic mixed method approaches: an empirical comparison
Betzner, Anne E.

It's great to see so much terrific work completed here at the U of M! Laurel


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