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From the publisher's website: "The Teaching Professor helps you:

  • Overcome obstacles to effective teaching
  • Stay abreast of the latest pedagogical research
  • Hear what's working for colleagues "in the trenches"
  • Hone your skills and stay on top of teaching innovations
  • Truly connect with your students"

Assessing Writing

From the publisher's website: "Assessing Writing is a refereed international journal providing a forum for ideas, research and practice on the assessment of written language. Assessing Writing publishes articles, book reviews, conference reports, and academic exchanges concerning writing assessments of all kinds, including traditional ('direct' and standardised forms of) testing of writing, alternative performance assessments (such as portfolios), workplace sampling and classroom assessment. The journal focuses on all stages of the writing assessment process, including needs evaluation, assessment creation, implementation, and validation, and test development; it aims to value all perspectives on writing assessment as process, product and politics (test takers and raters; test developers and agencies; educational administrations; and political motivations). The journal is interested in review essays of key issues in the theory and practice of writing assessment."

Child Indicators Research

From the publisher's website:  "Child Indicators Research presents measurements and indicators of children's well-being and their usage within multiple domains and in diverse cultures. It features measures and data resources, analysis of the data, exploration of theoretical issues, and information about the status of children, as well as the implementation of this information in policy and practice. The journal explores how child indicators can be used to improve the development and well-being of children.  Child Indicators Research offers a unique, applied perspective by presenting a variety of analytical models, different perspectives, and a range of social policy regimes. It provides a source of high quality, policy impact and rigorous scientific papers."

International Journal of Educational Advancement

From the publisher's website: "The International Journal of Educational Advancement publishes new ideas, shares examples of best practices, and develops a body of knowledge in educational advancement. The journal includes thought-provoking, topical articles from academic researchers and advancement professionals working in schools, colleges, and universities, thus providing a forum for the equally important aspects of alumni relations, fund raising, communications, public relations, and marketing. Its contents acknowledge the increasingly complex management of advancement, with articles which provide in-depth and cutting-edge analysis of new concepts and applications.

Specifically International Journal of Educational Advancement

  • identifies, describes, and assesses the strategies and processes of educational advancement;
  • addresses in a rigorous, detailed, and evidence-based fashion, the major and current issues facing the profession;
  • presents studies, empirical evidence, and research into the success - or failure - of real-world strategies and applications;
  • provides a forum for challenging and coherent new models that describe the educational advancement process;
  • develops and disseminates new thinking and techniques in targeting, measurement, and analysis of advancement activity;
  • builds a unique fund of information for those responsible for developing resources, increasing alumni loyalty, and managing public perception; and
  • includes a NEW and REGULAR section which is a practitioner's guide to strategic planning, organization development, and legal issues."


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