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A popular web-based citation manager is Zotero.  It is a free Firefox extension that you can download from the Zotero site.

The Libraries offer workshops to orient current students, faculty, and staff to using Zotero.  You can sign up for an in-person workshop or link into the Introduction to Zotero workshop on Moodle.

The features of Refworks, EndNote, and Zotero are compared here.

These tools are aimed at helping you organize your academic materials and notes, and generate bibliographies as needed.  They can save you time one you understand how they work!

RefWorks Resources

The U of M Libraries offers access to RefWorks, a popular web-based citation manager.  You can use it to store and organize your citations, take notes, and generate bibliographies.

There is no charge for you to use it while currently affiliated with the U of M Twin Cities.

Here are some RefWorks resources:

  • Comparing RefWorks with EndNote and Zotero
    RefWorks & EndNote at U of W Madison
    Citation tools at Harvard
    Comparison of bibliographic software at MIT

  • YouTube also has a variety of RefWorks videos

To use RefWorks with Google Scholar, simply set your Scholar preferences to show links to import citations into RefWorks (listed under preferences>>bibliography manager)

Questions about using RefWorks can be directed to AskUs!

APA Style -- 6th edition

The American Psychological Association has just published a new edition of the APA style guide:  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  (6th edition)

 It is only available in print and not e-book format.  Currently the library has several copies on order and they should be available for use soon.

A new web site is available at APA Style

Here you can link to FAQs about APA style and online tutorials. 

Citation managers

Citation managers, APA format, organizing information

EndNote, RefWorks, and Zotero are citation managers that will help you format your bibliographies and also be used to organize your information sources and notes.  Other tools are available too.

All of the citation managers allow formatting bibliographies in APA style, but be sure to proof read because sometimes the output is not fully correct. 


3 things to do:  Save the pdf, save the citation information, and have a method for saving that allows you to find the pdf/document again in your computer

Save to a specific folder, always make sure you have the citation information, saving the DOI will help you relocate it again if needed, make notes in your citation manager to help you track it (for example, pdf saved to my articles folder)

Most citation managers have search features   

Select a method that works best for you!  Taking time to learn and set up a system ahead of time will help you save time later


RefWorks step by step.pdf


Zotero is a free Firefox extension that can be downloaded from the Zotero site.  Plug-ins are available for formatting citations and bibliographies.

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