EdPa International Education Summer 2009

International Education Library Workshop

Overview of workshop:

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Part 1:  Key Library Resources

Educ, SLHS & Psyc @ the library blog

Find books and e-books

Use myLibrary

Locate e-journals & use Find it

Search article indexes by topic & keywords (ERIC CSA, Academic Search Premier, Education Full Text, Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts, and more...)
Find dissertations
Consider other sources
Education, International page, NAFSA, Open Doors, Ministries of Education, World Bank, UNESCO...

Part 2: Citation Managers (EndNote, Zotero, RefWorks)

Key Library Resources

Books and e-books:  Search MNCAT
Prefer Advanced Search
Sort by date, relevance or popularity
Note quotation marks & OR

Example:  "study abroad" OR "foreign study" OR "international education"

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myLibrary is a tool that you can use to set up a personalized list of e-journals and article indexes of interest.  You can check out the blog posting here about myLibrary and e-journals.

E-journals:  Search the e-journals pages for more e-journal titles.  When you find a title of interest, add it to myLibrary for future use, and use Find it to link over the the actual e-journal home page and articles.

ejournals image.jpg

Search article indexes by topic & keywords. These are linked in the A-Z list on the main library web page. 

Academic Search Premier
Education Full Text
Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (includes language & intercultural competence topics)
And, others might be helpful depending on topic

Use Advanced Search
Use quotation marks for phrases
Review results of initial search and add descriptors and other words to search boxes
Consider limiting by Educational Level (on Advanced Search page)

Example:  "intercultural competence" and "study abroad"

Start with a search like this one:
ERIC image study abroad.jpg

Revise adding terms like:
"Intercultural Communication"
"Cultural Awareness"
"Outcomes of Education"
"International Education"
and, others....

Dissertations:  See the entries on this blog about finding dissertations

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