EdPsy 5612 Understanding of Academic Disabilities

Starting point:  Library web site

My blog: Educ, SLHS & Psyc @ the library

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Key skills and activities:

1: Find books in MNCAT - print and e-books
    Examples:  autism, learning disabilities, reading comprehension, reading disability, disproportionality
Use Get it to have books retrieved for you and sent to a campus library

Read e-books in addition to print
2: Work with "myLibrary" to make personalized list of e-journals and article indexes
Examples:  Education Full Text, ERIC CSA

3: Search for an e-journal, save it to myLibrary, and link through to the e-journal
Examples: Journal of Special Education, Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, Reading and Writing Quarterly, 

Review list of special education journals

E-journals and print journals:  not all are available as e-journals

Consider paying for article delivery Libraries to U service if you are not coming to the library for a photocopy

Interlibrary loan can be used when we don't have a copy here at U Libraries

4:  Search in article indexes by topic, review results, and link to e-journals
    Examples:  Education Full Text and ERIC (CSA)

    Look for Peer Reviewed article in results

    Other useful article indexes

Academic Search Premier

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
        Plus, many more...

More skills and activitites:

Use a citation manager:
    Refworks, EndNote, Zotero

Find dissertations:
    Digital Dissertations   
    Also some are in the UDC and are linked in my blog

Request copies of items not owned by the Libraries:
    Interlibrary loan

Use Libraries to you for document delivery and Get it for book pick up

Ask a question: 

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