EdPsy 8311 Proseminar in the Educational Sciences

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Organizing research materials:

Some considerations:

To organize articles/pdfs and other materials there are several tasks

  1. find and save the document -- usually a pdf, but sometimes print/paper
  2. retrieve and save the "metadata" or citation information (author, article title, journal title, date, etc...)
  3. connect or link the document and the citation information
Also important ...

Search capability and output formats
Print paper copy as needed for portability and readability
Back-up and security
Use of one computer or multiple computers
Preference for in the "cloud" or on a local computer
Transferability to new computers, new institutions
Change of vendors and features

Question: long term career needs or during graduate school but probably not beyond that

Older methods (index cards, notebooks, files)

Some options:

RefWorks resources
Zotero resources  

Papers for macs

The features of Refworks, EndNote, and Zotero are compared here


Organize Research Materials digital research tools page

BibMe  "BibMe is an automated bibliography generator that finds information about your sources and then formats the citations for you."

Google Scholar questions:

Set preferences for U of M Libraries and for citation manager

Use Advanced Search; "phrases"

Search in article indexes by topic, review results, and link to e-journals

  • Education Full Text and ERIC (CSA)

  • PsycInfo    / educational & psychological measurement topics in addition to educational psychology

     Other useful article indexes:

Academic Search Premier

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts


Sociological Abstracts
        Plus, many more..

Dissertations:  You can view examples of EdPsy dissertations in another posting on this blog

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