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OLPD/EdPa 8011 Doctoral Research Seminar

Hi --

Here is the link to the library handout for the class presentation on Sat, Nov. 6. 

OLPD 8011 Doctoral Research Seminar Fall 2010.docx


OLPD New Student Orientation & the Library

Hi --  It's great to see so many new OLPD graduate students!  Welcome to the U Library system.

You can look here for Library Course Pages for your classes.  And, you can explore an online Library Orientation Tutorial for OLPD on Moodle.

Here are links to materials used in today's presentation.  We hope you have a successful semester!  Laurel

OLPD New student orientation 9_2_2010.pptx

OLPD New Students 8_2010.docx
Hi --

The Library now has a subscription to the Observatory on borderless higher education.

Access is available via the A-Z list on the Library web page or here is the correct direct link:

Observatory on borderless higher education

After you log in as a U of M library user, you should now be able to download publications and materials from their web site.

Let me know if you have comments or questions.  Laurel

"The Observatory's primary purpose is to provide strategic information to enable institutional leaders and policy makers to make informed decisions relevant to their existing and/or future transnational higher education initiatives."

OLPD Library Workshop on Moodle

Hi --

Here is the new Library Orientation Workshop for OLPD : Organizational Leadership, Policy & Development.

This is a Moodle site and can be accessed by anyone with a current x.500 U of M Internet and password.

OLPD Library Workshop

This is a pilot version of the workshop and your comments and suggestions are welcome! 

Also, here is a new OLPD library quick start page with links to relevant library search engines.

Laurel / March 2, 2010

OLPD 8011 Doctoral Research Seminar

Hi --

Here is the handout for the class presentation today:

OLPD 8011 Doctoral Research Seminar Fall 2009.docx

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