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OLPD EdPa dissertations

Hi -- Here is a link that will take you recent U of M Educational Policy and Administration completed dissertations. 

EdPa dissertations in the University Digital Conservancy

In the past I posted direct links to each dissertation but it appears that this link will lead to the list.  Laurel

Beyond Immediate Impact: Study Abroad for Global Engagement (SAGE)

Are you looking for information about the research project on the long term impact of study abroad? Dr. Fry and Dr. Paige are the co-principal investigators on this research grant / project: 

Beyond Immediate Impact: Study Abroad for Global Engagement (SAGE)

More information about the project is here.

International & comparative education journals

Here is a list of some of the core journals that likely are of interest to EdPa CIDE students and others.

Many other relevant journals are available via the U of M Library e-journals page.

Use the "myLibrary" feature on the library web page to create your own personalized list of e-journals.  The July 1 posting on this blog gives more details on how to do that.

Comparative Education Review


Comparative Education

Educational Research for Policy and Practice

Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad

International Journal of Educational Development

International Review of Education

International Journal of Intercultural Relations

Journal of Studies in International Education

Journal of International Cooperation in Education (Kokusai kyoiku kyoryoku ronshu)

Note:  Appears to be freely available on the Internet.  I'll check to see if it can be linked on the U of M library e-journals page.

Prospects, UNESCO's Quarterly Review of Comparative Education

Note: A subscription to Prospects will be added to include access to the current year which is unavailable at this time as a library e-journal.  Improved and current year e-journal access is expected to start in January 2010.

Planning and Changing: An Educational Leadership and Policy Journal
Note:  The paper/print copy is available in the Wilson Library Periodicals Room on the basement level of Wilson.

For 2010:
Frontiers of Education in China
Note: Improved and current year access will be available starting after Jan 1, 2010.

EdPa dissertations

Hi -- Here are a few more links to recent EdPa dissertationsMore are in an early blog entry!

Title: The lived experiences of lesbian/Gay/[bisexual/transgender] educational leaders.

Authors: Denton, Mary Jean

Title:  Ji-AAnjichigeyang 'to change the way we do things' retention of American Indian students in teacher education.

Authors: Bergstrom, Amy A.

Internationalization & higher education

Internationalization & globalization of higher education is of interest to many.  If you would like to find U Library books on these topics here are two useful searches to try in mncat plus.

Note:  these examples use Advanced Search, quotation marks around phrases, and OR to combine related concepts.

internationalization image.jpg

internationalization OR internationalizing OR globalization

"higher education" OR "education higher"

In my first try at this search I simply entered internationalization in one box & "higher education" in another.  As I reviewed the expanded records for the results I discovered more terms to add to the search... thus, the image shows the revised version. 

In the results I also found another possible search term and decided to use that in another search example:

"education and globalization"

globalization image.jpg

"world citizenship" and other terms might be interesting to explore.

Results can be sorted on date, relevance, and popularity. 

You'll find both e-books and print books in the results. 

Click At a U of M Twin Cities library to check availability, and get it, or recall it.

The general process it to do a search & review the results for relevant items and the words/tags used to describe them, revise/expand the search, and get it!


EdPa: A selection of ejournals

Here are some e-journals that have been added to myLibrary by EdPa faculty and graduate students in recent months.

Do you want to add them to your version of myLibrary? 

Log into myLibrary on the main library web page to open your account. 


Click on the journal of interest to you & then on the Find it page, select Save citation/journal to myLibrary

save citation myLibrary.jpg

The e-journal should then show in your saved e-journal list on your myLibrary page.

Example e-journals:

American Educational Research Journal

Community college journal of research and practice

Comparative Education

Comparative education review

Educational administration quarterly

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Educational Researcher


Gender and Education

International Journal of Educational Development

Journal of education finance

JEM; Journal of Educational Measurement

Journal of studies in international education

Leadership and Policy in Schools

New directions for youth development

PJE (Peabody...)

Review of Educational Research

Review of research in education

Teachers College record

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Human Resources

You can search on our e-journals page for access to many more!  Let me know if there are other e-journals for EdPa that you would like added to this list!


EdPa dissertations

Here are some examples of recent EdPa dissertations ( Educational Policy and Administration) from the University Digital Conservancy (UDC):


Title: International sojourns and acquired disabilities as intercultural experiences: a journey of personal transformation.

Authors: Voigts, Jessica

Title: Are our efforts worthwhile? international students' perceptions of a project-based program designed to internationaize higher education.

Authors:  Chaparro, Debra Payne

Title:  Assessing the intercultural sensitivity of elementary teachers in bilingual schools in a Texas school district.

Authors:  Bayles, Peggy Porterfield

Title: Educators' understandings of white privilege and its impact on professional roles.

Authors: Mitchell, Lorraine Marie

Title:  Analysis of the relationship between internationalization and the quality of higher education.

Authors:  Jang, Ji-Yeung

Title: Diminished aspiration: women central office administrators and the superintendency.

Authors:  Ottino, Krista Leigh

Title:  An analysis of the relationship between K-5 elementary school teachers' perceptions of principal instructional leadership and their science teaching efficacy.

Authors: Clark, Ian

Title: Teacher perceptions of the influence of principal instructional leadership on school culture: a case study of the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.

Authors: DuPont, Jonathan Payne

Title:  Perceptions of gender and leader emergence in virtual groups.

Authors:  Shollenberger, Sindie Lynn


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