RefWorks Workshop Outline July 2009

1: RefWorks: What is it?
Citation managers
Organize citations & format bibliographies

Import citation information & more from article indexes, Google Scholar, e-journal pages,  and elsewhere, and/or manually input information

Take notes and more
Save time, organize, work efficiently
All require some up front time learning the system        

Compare with EndNote and Zotero

2: RefWorks cost: 
No charge for currently affiliated U of M Twin Cities users

After leaving the U, can export information from RefWorks into other citation managers or excel or have an individual RW subscription

3: RefWorks resources blog entry
Help is available in various forms for learning & using RW
Tutorials, workshops, step-by-step guide

Note group code for off-campus access

4: Library RW page:
Set up account & log in

May have more than one account and multiple users on one account

5: Demo importing citations after looking at key features
    View all references
        Full view & edit screen, folder name, and findit link

        Note: object attachment feature

     View folders
        Create new folder
        Organize folders
        Items not in folders

    Example:  put a reference into a folder

    Consider how you want to organize folders

     Last imported folder -- temporary

6: Bibliography -- Show example generation of a bibliography
    Proof read & edit

7: Demonstration of import from various databases
    Helpful to have 2 browser windows or tabs open & be logged into RW

    Do subject search in ERIC CSA -- show direct export
    Example:  "job satisfaction" or "work environment" and superintendents
        Select items of interest & use RW direct export button
        In RW, review, edit if needed, and place into folder

    Might do same search in Academic Search Premier & Education Full Text --  different methods of direct export

    MNCat Plus: Push to RW
    Example:  superintendents OR principals and "job satisfaction" OR "work environment"
        On full record: Push to...

    With Google Scholar, set your preferences for bibliographic manager & RefWorks

8: Write and cite feature
    Download Write and cite plug in (look under Tools in RW)
    Then you can use it by opening it from within word (Add-in tab) or the icon on your desktop etc...

9: Other RW features
    Find duplicates
    Search & lookup
    Add New Reference

10:  Other comments...

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