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Invitation to National Open Access Week Activities

Open access to research and scholarship has been facilitated by digital technology. For several years all medical research funded by the National Institute of Health and Science has been made accessible free on Internet. Today there are many open access peer reviewed academic journals represented in the Directory of Open Access Journals (

In order to foster awareness of the open access movement on campus, the University Libraries are organizing a series of activities during the week of 18-22 October, designated as National Open Access Week. These activities will include webcasts, workshops, and awareness tables. Below you will find the time and place of those activities.

11am-1pm- Coffman Union, awareness table
12 noon - 310 Walter Library, webcast of address by Nobel Laureate Dr. Harold Varmus, Director of the National Cancer Institute at the kickoff of National Open Access Week
1:30-3:30pm- Walter Library, awareness table
10:30am-12:30pm - St. Paul Student Center, awareness table
1-3pm - Magrath Library, awareness table
3:15-4:15pm- 81 Magrath Library, workshop "Making Your Own Work OA"
2-4pm- Bio-Medical Library (Diehl Hall) awareness table
11am-1pm- Wilson Library awareness table
12 noon-  S30B Wilson Library, replay of address by Noberl Laureate Dr. Harold Varmus at the kickoff of National Open Access Week
12:30-1:30pm - 310 Walter Library, workshop "Making Your Own Work OA"

New: Copyright workshops

Getting Acquainted with Copyright

How many copyrights do you own? How long will they last? Can someone else quote from your paper in their own? Can you post your course readings online for your students? Copyright is really confusing - what is it even for, anyway? This workshop will give you a solid grounding in some of the elements of copyright law that are essential to scholarship, teaching, and research. Learn more about protections in the law for educators, and about your rights as an author or creator. Discuss and debate with your peers about some of the burning questions in the field, and enjoy exploring some entertaining and thought-provoking examples. No direct legal advice will be provided; this workshop is informational and educational in nature. Satisfies RCR continuing education awareness/discussion requirements.
Registration link -  Sessions on 10/4 and 11/2

Fair Use in Everyday Life

Fair use is a vital part of copyright law for scholars, researchers, artists, and just about anyone who communicates with anyone else. Quotation, criticism, review, collage, parody - all involve aspects of fair use. In this workshop, we'll discuss examples of fair use situations in visual arts, music, and video, as well as in academic research and writing. We'll learn to identify situations where fair use applies, and other situations where copyright answers may be more straightforward. We'll also develop our understandings of the factors that determine whether a use is "fair" and practice applying these concepts with real-world examples. Expect to think hard, debate a little, and have some fun. No direct legal advice will be provided; this workshop is informational and educational in nature. Satisfies RCR continuing education awareness/discussion requirements.
Registration link - Sessions on 9/22 and 11/10

Internationalization & higher education

Internationalization & globalization of higher education is of interest to many.  If you would like to find U Library books on these topics here are two useful searches to try in mncat plus.

Note:  these examples use Advanced Search, quotation marks around phrases, and OR to combine related concepts.

internationalization image.jpg

internationalization OR internationalizing OR globalization

"higher education" OR "education higher"

In my first try at this search I simply entered internationalization in one box & "higher education" in another.  As I reviewed the expanded records for the results I discovered more terms to add to the search... thus, the image shows the revised version. 

In the results I also found another possible search term and decided to use that in another search example:

"education and globalization"

globalization image.jpg

"world citizenship" and other terms might be interesting to explore.

Results can be sorted on date, relevance, and popularity. 

You'll find both e-books and print books in the results. 

Click At a U of M Twin Cities library to check availability, and get it, or recall it.

The general process it to do a search & review the results for relevant items and the words/tags used to describe them, revise/expand the search, and get it!


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