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Educational Psychology Dissertations with links to the full-text in the UDC: University Digital Conservancy

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Banerjee-Stevens, Devjani. (2009). Critical incidents in the identity development of second-generation South Asian women. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Michael P. Goh. UDC:

Bemel, Cheryl S. (2009). The effect of small learning communities on indicators of student progress. Ph.D., School Psychology Advisor(s): Sandra L. Christenson and Christ J. Theorore. UDC:

Bradfield, Tracy A. (2009). General outcome measures of beginning handwriting development. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Scott R. McConnell. UDC:

Cho, Jaehyun. (2009). A validation study of the Korean version of the Minnesota Self-Determination Scales (K-MSDS) for adults with intellectual disabilities. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Susan Rose and Susan C. Hupp. UDC:

Cote, Erin M. (2009). Teaching children with Asperger's syndrome to respond to I-You, Here-There, and Now-Then perspectives-taking frames. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Jennifer J. McComas and LeAnne D. Johnson. UDC:

Du, Xiaoqing. (2009). Examining three types of correctional feedback about errors in mechanics and grammar in students with writing difficulties in grades 4--8. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Christine A. Espin. UDC:

Gaillard, Philippe R. (2009). Evaluating the assumption of homogeneity of variance via equivalence testing. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Michael C. Rodriguez. UDC:

Gaitan, Peggy E. (2009). Teacher burnout factors as predictors of adherence to behavioral intervention. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Jennifer J. McComas. UDC:

Ghazi-Moghadam, Saba. (2009). A qualitative study of the perceived attitudes toward counseling and effective counseling practices in working with clients of Iranian origin. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Michael P. Goh. UDC:

Han, Insoon. (2009). Evidence-based reading instruction for English language learners in preschool through sixth grades: A meta-analysis of group design studies. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Kristen L. McMaster. UDC:

Hollman, Alisha K. (2009). The effects of progress monitoring and consultation on emergent literacy performance as measured by the Individual Growth and Development Indicators. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Scott McConnell and Joe Reichle. UDC:

Jacoby, Scott M. (2009). Impact of relationship characteristics on the sexual and mental health of HIV-positive men who have sex with men. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Eli Coleman and Thomas Skovholt.

Kato, Kentaro. (2009). Improving efficiency of cognitive diagnosis by using diagnostic items and adaptive testing. Ph.D., Quantitative Methods in Education. Advisor(s): William M. Bart. UDC:

Lee, Kyoungwon. (2009). The role of social class models in the relationship between socioeconomic status and academic achievement. Ph.D., Quantitative Methods in Education. Advisor(s): Michael Harwell. UDC:

Leonard, Nicholas G. (2009). Predictors of mental health service utilization among Minnesota high school students. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Sandra Christenson. UDC:

Mahlke, Amy G. (2009). Does systematic miscue analysis explain variance in struggling readers' oral reading proficiency. Ph.D., Special Education Advisor(s): Kristen McMaster.

Monson, Verna. (2009). Moral judgment, role concepts, and empathic response as predictors of dental student clinical effectiveness. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Muriel J. Bebeau and David W. Johnson. UDC:

Peper, Christine R. (2009). Examining the reliability and validity of a self-determination assessment for transition planning. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Kristen McMaster and Stan Deno. UDC:

Pierce, Rebecca. (2009). Online peer collaboration: Teachers supporting each other's instructional use of CBM data. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Kristen McMaster. UDC:

Russ, Suzanne L. (2009). Identity relativity: Linking stereotype threat and social comparison as parallel processes. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): David W. Johnson and Geoffrey Maruyama. UDC:

Shryack, Jessica. (2009). The structure of virtue: An empirical investigation. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): William Bart and David W. Johnson. UDC:

Skaar, Nicole R. (2009). Development of the Adolescent Exploratory and Risk Behavior Rating Scale. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): Theodore Christ and Sandra Christenson. UDC:

Tan, Chee S. (2009). An exploratory study of the relationships between teachers' general attributions, specific attributions for reading difficulties and treatment. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): James Ysseldyke. UDC:

Trotter, Michelle J. (2009). Effects of participation in a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program on college students' psychological well-being. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Thomas M. Skovholt.

Tung, Ling-Hsuan. (2009). Choosing to forgive: An experiment study of factors that affect forgiving. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Thomas J. Hummel.

Varro, Patrick J. (2009). Academic-based after school programming: A matched pairs follow-up study. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): James Ysseldyke and Kyla Wahlstrom. UDC:

Videen, Cheryl A. (2009). Longitudinal look at student achievement and psychological engagement. Ph.D., Psychological Foundations. Advisor(s): Geoffrey Maruyama. UDC:

Zahm, Kimberly W. (2009). From graduate to seasoned practitioner: A qualitative investigation of genetic counselor professional development. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Patricia McCarthy Veach. UDC:

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