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2010 Educational Psychology Dissertations

Educational Psychology Dissertations with links to the full-text in the UDC: University Digital Conservancy

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Brockel, Magdalena R. (2010). Accountability, adequate yearly progress, and evidence-based interventions: Are the needs of students with disabilities being addressed? Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): James E. Ysseldyke.

Cichy, Bryan E. (2010). The effects of African American and European American males' behavior styles on preservice teachers' ratings of acceptability, achievement, and aggression. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Susan Rose. UDC:

Conkel Ziebell, Julia L. (2010). Promoting viable career choice goals through career decision-making self-efficacy and career maturity in inner-city high school students: A test of social cognitive career theory. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Sherri L. Turner. UDC:

Danov, Stacy. (2010). Using functional analysis methodology to evaluate neuroleptic medication effects on positively and negatively reinforced severe problem behavior. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Frank J. Symons. UDC:

Halpin, Diane E. (2010). The development of the Minnesota Visual Autism Symptom Scale (MN-VASS). Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Brian H. Abery and Susan C. Hupp. UDC:

Herrmann, Michelle A. K. C. (2010). A Test of the Social Cognitive Career Theory to Predict Career Interests and Goal Setting among Multi-Ethnic, Low SES Adjudicated Adolescents. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Sherri L. Turner.

Hickey, Meghan C. (2010). Language environments in toddler classrooms: The contribution of setting, teacher, and child variables. Ph.D., School Psychology. Advisor(s): James E. Ysseldyke. UDC:

Hirai, Tatsuya. (2010). Personal and professional characteristics of Japanese master therapists: A qualitative investigation on expertise in psychotherapy and counseling in Japan. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Michael Goh. UDC:

Kao, Juihsien H. (2010). Walking in your patient's shoes: An investigation of genetic counselor empathy in clinical practice. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Patricia McCarthy Veach. UDC:

Liou, Pey-Yan. (2010). Cross-national comparisons of the association between student motivation for learning mathematics and achievement linked with school contexts: Results from TIMSS 2007. Ph.D., Quantitative Methods in Education. Advisor(s): Frances Lawrenz and Ernest Davenport.

Moore, Timothy R. (2010). Predictors of adherence to treatment by parents in a behavioral intervention curriculum for children with autism spectrum disorders. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Frank J. Symons. UDC:

Netland, Jason D. (2010). Measuring psychopathy traits and antisocial behaviors in three groups of male adolescent sex offenders and male non-sexual delinquents. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): John L. Romano. UDC:

Pabon, Maria C. (2010). Ethnic identity development in Latino youth: A meta analysis of the research. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Geoffrey Maruyama.

Ryoo, Ji H. (2010). Model selection with the linear mixed effects model for longitudinal data. Ph.D., Quantitative Methods in Education. Advisor(s): Jeffrey D. Long. UDC:

Sanger, Sandra S. (2010). Supervisory interventions and reactions following an attempted or completed suicide by a supervisee's client. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Patricia McCarthy Veach. UDC:

Starkey, Michael T. (2010). The psychological influence of therapists' professional lives: The effects of exploring the deep. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Thomas M. Skovholt.

Tanol, Gizem. (2010). Treatment Fidelity: Relation to Treatment Acceptability and Change Over Time. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Jennifer J. McComas and LeAnne Johnson. UDC:

Wolff, Jason J. (2010). An examination of avoidance extinction procedures in treatment of maladaptive higher-order repetitive behavior in autism. Ph.D., Special Education. Advisor(s): Susan C. Hupp and Frank J. Symons.

Yang, Ava. (2010). Themes in the career development of 1.5 generation Hmong American women. Ph.D., CSPP. Advisor(s): Michael P. Goh. UDC:

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